Stevie J.
Cosmetic Tattoo

Stevie J. Cosmetic Tattoo, is about delivering the most natural looking and beautiful semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo enhancements, using the latest technology and highest quality products from Permablend combined with advanced European techniques in cosmetic tattooing.

We specialise in Ombre Brows, Candy Lips and Classic Eyeliner tattoos with a personalised approach, recognizing that every person is unique. All of our treatments are customised to suit the individual.



Stevie is a fully certified and registered Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Beauty Therapist. Her previous experiences within the beauty industry paired with her precision, expertise and intuitive understanding of clients needs, are the perfect attributes in creating beautiful and natural semi-permanent makeup solutions.

Stevie is an absolute perfectionist. She takes great pride in her art, and has a strong desire to create a natural finish that matches with her clients desires. Comfort and safety are at the forefront. Stevie always ensures every treatment is carried out to the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Stevie has trained with and is supported by an Accredited International Russian Cosmetic Tattoo facilitator, and went on to establish Stevie J. COSMETIC TATTOO where she is now based, on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Ombre Brows

The Ombre Brow technique creates a very natural look that resembles soft makeup.

Powder Brows

Created using a similar technique to the Ombre Brow, though the colour remains the same from the front of the brow through to the tail.

Hair-Stroke Brows (available soon)

Textured hair-stroke eyebrow tattoo that follows the pattern of your natural hair growth.  The results will leave you with a natural looking 3D fluffy brow without makeup.

Lash Line

The Lash Line Enhancement creates thicker fuller and darker looking lashes by placing the pigment within and around the base of the lashes.


Lip Blushing enhances the natural lip colour, correcting any colour loss and asymmetry to give definition and the illusion of fullness.

Nano Combination Brows

A combination of nano hair-strokes and shading. Hair-strokes are placed at the head of the brow, with soft shading through to the tail.

Skin Needling

Skin Needling can reduce the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, scars and skin discolorations.

Tattoo Removal

Advanced saline solution removal can lighten and remove bad, saturated, old or unwanted shapes in preparation for a fresh new tattoo.

Emergency removal available within 48 hours for unwanted disasters.



Would you like to discuss your treatment options in detail with Stevie?  Book a complimentary consultation where Stevie will cover any questions and concerns you may have. Including explaining the treatment and process, aftercare and healing, and discussing your desired outcomes.