Why Lip Blushing is the new Lip Filler

Cosmetic trends are continuously changing, but plump lips are ALWAYS in – am I right?

They’ve actually been ‘in’ for over 100 years. Since the early 1900’s they were experimenting with injecting things like fat, liquid paraffin, and bovine collagen (that’s right, from cows) into peoples lips to achieve the bigger pout that’s deemed as more attractive and sexier. Wild, I know!  

Thankfully the non-surgical treatments, techniques and results have evolved exponentially since then. Fast forward to today, non-surgical and less invasive treatments are more accessible, more affordable and come with little to no downtime.

The attention to facial aesthetics continues to increase, fleshy lips are still glorified, and that plumped pout isn’t so difficult to get anymore.

Cue the Lip Blush. Which, dare I say, is here to replace the infamous lip filler.

What is Lip Blushing?

Only the trendiest of trendy cosmetic enhancement treatments right now! Lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing that softly defines and fills in your lips to give them a constant wash of colour, like a really good tinted lip balm.  

This evolved treatment involves implanting pigments into the lips with the use of a tattoo machine and water-based inks (often vegan).  It is similar to lip tattooing that’s been around for many years, but uses new techniques, more sophisticated pigments and improved tools that are gentle to the skin.  The result is much more natural looking lips without harsh lines.

Lip blushing helps to define the lip border, correct asymmetry and enhances your natural lip colour, leaving you with fuller healthier looking lips.

You will hear the same treatment called Lip Tint, Lip Staining, Lip Tattoo, Full Tint and “Candy Lips”. And if the name ‘Candy Lips’ isn’t enough for you to want to drop everything & get some right now, let’s learn more..  

How long does lip blushing last?

Typically lip blushing will last for 12-24 months depending on your skin type, health and your lifestyle. Factors like your age, metabolism and sun exposure can affect the longevity of the colour. Your lips will slowly fade over time returning to their natural hue.  It is recommended that you refresh your lip blush tattoo every year if you would like to prolong the lip shade that you want.

How much does lip blushing cost?

The cost varies and mostly depends on the cosmetic tattoo artists level of skill.  Do your research!  Check the artists Instagram, look for healed result photos, DM their clients for an honest opinion on their experience. Read reviews.  

Typically you can expect to pay between $450 and $900.

Does lip blushing hurt?

A tattoo on your lips does sound painful right?!  With the use of a topical anaesthetic cream, you should find the treatment comfortable and, in most cases, painless. It is a very delicate and gentle procedure, and the level of discomfort depends on an individuals pain threshold and a variety of other factors (hot tip ladies – plan your appointment away from THAT time of the month!)

So how could Lip Blush replace Lip Filler?

History has shown that there will always be a place for augmentation of the lips, however Lip Blushing accomplishes similar affects to Lip Filler but with results that will last a lot longer.  The treatment is less invasive and is low maintenance.

Lip Blushing fills out your natural lips which will make them look fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment.  It can change the appearance of the shape of the lips, enhancing symmetry, covering uneven pigmentation or scars, defining the border and cupids bow and giving the illusion of fuller plumper lips.

There is a high chance that after having lip blushing done you will no longer feel the need for filler at all. You will literally just gloss & go! I think I just heard your lips (and your bank balance) sigh in relief.   

Are you ready to invest in one of the best beauty treatments you’ll ever have?

Stevie J. specialises in the Lip Blushing cosmetic tattoo technique and is your absolute go to for your new lips. Connect with her on Instagram or make a booking online here.

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